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22 Mar 2019

5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Children can be difficult when it comes to encouraging them to brush their teeth. They would much rather be watching cartoons, playing a game, etc. We all know how important it is to have healthy dental hygiene, so here are five ways that might help you out!

Make it a Family Activity

Why not make brushing your teeth a family activity? Before bed, the family should all brush their teeth together. This is a chance to spend more time with one another and make it seem fun. After your child brushes their teeth, let them brush the dog’s teeth! Make it fun.

Stay Positive

Keep dental hygiene and going to the dentist a positive. If your child is giving you problems about brushing their teeth, don’t threaten them with “if you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth will fall out and you’ll have to go to the big, bad dentist.” Instead, toothbrushing should always be thought of as a positive and never negative.


Reward good brushing behavior! If your child initiates brushing their teeth or they do a good job, reward them with a high five, promise them a movie night, or anything fun!

Story Time

Make up a fun story or read one that has to do with brushing your teeth. There are plenty of children’s books out there that can help. For example, “The Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth” by Jeanette Lane.

Kangaroo Oral Care Toothbrush

Kangaroo Oral Care toothbrush is designed to make brushing easy, mess-free, and fun for your kids. The toothbrush times the right amount of time your child should be brushing their teeth with fun, flashing lights, as well as releases the correct amount of toothpaste. The best part about this toothbrush is the fact that it is filled with 3-months worth of toothpaste; once the paste is out, it’s time for a new brush!

Encouraging your children to brush their teeth is one of the most important stepping stones in their young lives. Setting up their dental health early on will help lead them into a bright-smiled future. Check out our website today to learn more!

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Beat the battles of brushing and get your children cleaning their teeth easier and more effectively with the Kangaroo Oral Care Toothbrush! Our unique and child-friendly design has all you need to get your children brushing the way they should without any hassle.