Dental Cavities are Kangaroo Oral Care’s Biggest Enemy

20 Feb 2019

What are Cavities and How to Prevent Them?

Have you ever had a cavity? If not, congratulations! If so, you know the feeling. We’re all aware of the term cavity, but do we really know what it is? Just to clear it up, a cavity is a hole that forms in your tooth. They normally start fairly small and gradually grow when they are left untreated.

There are many reasons as to why cavities form in our mouths, but there are many ways to prevent them as well. Here are some tips on preventing those pesky cavities from appearing in your child’s mouth:

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing their teeth at least two times a day with the right toothbrush will help prevent cavities, especially if their toothpaste contains fluoride. What is the right toothbrush you might ask? The Kangaroo Oral Care toothbrush will complete an extensive cleaning on your child’s teeth. With the soft grip, 3-months worth of toothpaste, the toothpaste output, and the flashing light timer, there’s no question that their teeth will be clean!  


After you’ve used the Kangaroo Oral Care toothbrush, floss their teeth at least once a day. The American Dental Association recommends this strongly. Brushing cleans the surface of your teeth but flossing cleans out the gaps where bacteria tend to reside.


Feed your children less sugary and acidic foods, such as sweets, candy, juice, soda, and refined carbohydrates. It’s always fine to treat them once and a while but stay away from these on a daily basis!

These are the top three tips on preventing cavities from developing. As long as they’re brushing with Kangaroo Oral Care’s toothbrush, flossing, and watching what they eat – they’re bound to dodge those cavities and keep a bright, healthy smile.

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