What We’re All About

Every parent knows the struggles of getting their child to brush properly. From tantrums about brushing, getting your children to brush long enough, and toothpaste EVERYWHERE – It’s enough to make you crazy! That’s why we’ve created the Kangaroo Oral Care system. Created by nurse Jaime Frand to help make brushing easier for both his patients and his own children, Kangaroo Oral Care is designed to make your life easier and your children’s mouths cleaner.

Kangaroo Oral Care is more than just a brush, it’s an all-in-one oral hygiene teaching tool. We’ve combined a variety of oral hygiene tools into one convenient and kid-friendly package to help make brushing easy and fun for children of all ages.  Kangaroo Oral Care not only helps your child brush, it also helps teach proper oral hygiene habits that will keep their mouths healthy their whole life. Interested to learn more? Check out some of the ways that Kangaroo Oral Care is the ultimate way to teach your children proper oral care.

A Training Tool for Brushing



Proper oral hygiene goes beyond just the teeth, so Kangaroo Oral Care has a scraper to keep your children’s tongues just as clean.



No more messy toothpaste! Kangaroo Oral Care dispenses the perfect amount of bubblegum toothpaste with the turn of a dial to make brushing easy and mess-free.



Kangaroo Oral Care’s soft and easy to grip handle is designed to perfectly fit in hands of all ages.

2-3 Month Supply

of Toothpaste

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months We’ve pre-measured the exact amount of toothpaste for this lifespan so you know when it’s time to switch yours.

2 Minute Multi-

Color LED Timer

Stop watching the clock and start cleaning! Kangaroo Oral Care has a built-in, multi-color LED timer to make sure your children know when they’ve brushed enough.

  • The Kangaroo toothbrush is brilliant! It motivates my patients to brush in a fun and engaging way. I recommend it to all of them. And, in 3 months they know it is time to change to a new one for clean healthy smiles. Takes the stress out of reminding them to brush. I love it! - Dr. Dovi Prero, DDS, MS Board Certified Orthodontist
  • I have never seen a toothbrush like this on the market! This innovative product is a fun way to keep kids motivated and excited about brushing. It helps them be more independent with the squeezable toothpaste inside. The brilliant design makes it less messy and more sanitary which helps streamline hectic mornings and tired bedtimes...so the moms can be happy too. I full heartedly endorse this product!! - Gila Jedwab DMD